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Should we pray in tongues on every topic that we intercede on?

The short answer to your question is no it is not "right" to pray in tongues from start to finish on every prayer topic that we intercede on. Let me say that it really isn't a matter of right or wrong. Prayer should come from the heart and we know that the Holy Spirit will help us pray even when we don't know what to pray for. It is not necessary or healthy to think that you should pray in tongues at all. Praying in tongues is a gift of God and it happens because of the Holy Spirit and not because we can turn a "praying in tongues" switch on and off. Praying in tongues is a result of the Holy Spirit and not our own intellect. As a matter of fact, as Paul states in 1 Cor. 14:19, it is better to pray with understanding instead of in tongues.

What many people do not realize is that Paul downplayed speaking in tongues. Paul promoted prophecy above all the other gifts (1 Cor 14:5 for example). Prophesy here is speaking the words of God. Speaking in tongues is considered prophesy when there is an interpretation otherwise no one knows what you said and no one is therefore edified so what was the point. Paul does give indication that we can control what we do in worship service in his discussion about how many should speak at one time. He also indicates that speaking in tongues is between you and God since no one would be edified by a foreign language.

Do not think of tongues as something that you can use since the Bible does not teach us that. Again tongues is a gift from God not something that you can turn on and off with the intellect. Do not think about whether you should speak in tongues or not. Do not think that speaking in tongues is required for intercessory prayer because it is not. What is most important about prayer above ALL else is that your prayer is from the heart.

So again do not be overly concerned about speaking in tongues. There are many teachings that suppose we should all speak in tongues and that it is a sign of the believer. People say that the sign of the Holy Spirit is the gift of speaking in tongues. If one is saved then he should speak in tongues. These are not true. I once asked a pastor why he promotes speaking in tongues so much. I was told that it was to induce power. However, my response is that power comes from the Holy Spirit and not from my ability to speak in tongues. Jesus said that the sign of the believer would be that in HIS NAME (that is, his authority) they would speak in new tongues (languages) AND that they would lay hands on the sick and the sick would recover, they would drink poison and they would not be harmed (Mark 16:17-18). Why aren't those promoted? Why aren't we just as zealous about healing the sick by laying hands on them so that they would recover as we are about speaking in tongues. I believe that we have a false sense of religion, which can be fabricated by "speaking in tongues." I believe in speaking in tongues and I know people who have done it. I do it at times, but I don't concern myself with it because the Bible doesn't say that it is something that I should pursue.

So don't worry about using tongues in intercessory prayer. Concern yourself more with your heart. The Bible teaches us that the heart is the most important thing. From the heart comes our desires and what we do. If you happen to be among foreigners who need to hear the Gospel then perhaps you would speak in tongues, though not necessarily. The first people to promote the gift of speaking in tongues a hundred or so years ago went on missionary journeys expecting to be gifted to speak the language of the natives. You know what happened? They had to learn the native tongue to share the Gospel. Speaking in tongues is not a universal law for all Christians. Once again it is a gift from God and he will give it to whomever he desires and whenever he desires.

Our task is to live our life according to God's Way and do our best to stay in his will. We can be easily sidetracked by those things that are said to be right or wrong when all along we simply need to stay focused on Jesus Christ. He is the Truth and He is the life. Follow Jesus not tongues and you would do much better. You would discover the source of true power in prayer and the true meaning of faith in God. Your prayers will be more effective than you could ever imagine and not because you speak in tongues, but because of your intimate relationship with Christ.

So once again my friend, it's not a matter of speaking in tongues. Paul down played it and Jesus really didn't teach us about it. Why should he have. It was a gift from God. Either you did it or you didn't according to the workings of the Holy Spirit. If you do speak in tongues in a congregation or assembly during intercessory prayer than rest assured that if God is behind it that there will be an interpretation even if it is you. If there is no interpretation than rest assured of one thing. You would have confused and distracted everyone around you with something that they don't understand.

Focus on Jesus Christ not speaking in tongues. Some churches and denomination puts much to much emphasis on tongues and those people don't get a chance to pursue Christ. Why? They are too busy pursuing tongues. Their prayers are weak and they have no intimacy with God or people because they aren't seeking God (been there, done that). The secret to prayer is a heart close to God not tongues. Seek God first and if he gifts you to speak in tongues or whatever then so be it.

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